jam software

Virtual Treeview 5.4.0 has been released and with that release I'll step back officially from maintaining the Virtual Treeview component. I moved to C++/C#/Objective-C projects a few years ago already and have hence no motivation to develop the control further. I simply don't use it anymore.

Joachim Marder and his company JAM Software has been the inofficial maintainer of Virtual Treeview for quite some time already and now we agreed to hand over the development and home. There's even a press release about this. Just to make this clear: Virtual Treeview will stay open source, under the same terms as before. Joachim will also keep the Google Code repositorie live. Only the download location for new releases has changed. See the new home of Virtual Treeview.

I will keep the old downloads alive here on Soft-Gems, but will no longer publish release news. Also the VT gallery is now frozen. I will not add any new entry there. Similar for the VT history. For now I'll stay on the VT developer mailing list (Google Group) but it is likely that I disappear there sooner or later.

This has been a long journey since Virtual Treeview's first release in June 1999. Almost 15 years! Thank you Joachim for taking over and driving VT's future a few years more.